College of Radiology Value Added Mammogram 2014

30 December 2014

The COR value added mammogram program aims to provide a full work up for under privileged ladies, in both breast screening and diagnostic work up if necessary.

Participants are identified by the breast cancer support group and are advised to go the hospitals providing such services. These hospitals have an understanding with the COR and have agreed to provide such services as part of their community service programme. 

The College of Radiology has been one of the beneficiaries of the Estee Lauder Companies with regards to the breast cancer awareness drive since 2008 to date.

The College of Radiology, represented by Dr. Evelyn at that time liased with the Johor breast cancer support groups for the last few years and participants identified by these very active groups benefited from the value added mammogram programme.

The private hospitals providing the services in the East coast was IIUM breast Centre and Puteri Specialist Hospital Johor.

The funds provided was used for both screening and diagnostic work ups and also used to pay the breast cancer support group for transport of some participants with suspicious findings to nearby hospitals for further management.

In September 2014, the COR expanded their services to East Malysia, mainly Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 


Dr. Shantini Arasaratnam and Dr. Sumithra Renganathan both representing Breast Group from the College, went to Sabah. A meeting with the radiologist, Dr Ravi Mandalam as the local coordinator and management of the KPJ Hospital Sabah as well as the PINK Ribbon Kota Kinabalu breast cancer support group was held to discuss the workflow, recipients of vouchers, etc. This has kick started in October 2014 in keeping with PInk October. 

A CME session was also held in the afternoon with the radiographers. The aim was to strengthen “Quality Standards in Mammography” as well as in QC (Quality Control) in mammography.


In the evening, Dr Shantini  and Dr Sumithra were invited to a social visit to the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon at Kota Kinabalu to meet members of the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon. It was a pleasant and fruitful trip.

Dr Sumithra Renganathan