Prof Kwan-Hoong Ng does the College of Radiology Proud with his Editorial published in the British Medical Journal, 14 Oct 2006

5 July 2015

Congratulations to Prof Kwan-Hoong Ng, PhD with the publication of his editorial on “X-ray Imaging Goes Digital” in the 14 October 2006 (Vol 333, No 7572) issue of the British Medical Journal.

Prof Dr Ng has been an active contributor to the advancement of Biomedical Imaging in Malaysia and the international scene. He is an Advisor to the College of Radiology Council. He is actively involved in the College of Radiology programmes despite a very hectic schedule serving international bodies such as the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Congratulations are also in order for Prof Dr Ng Kwan Hoong for being elected as the President Elect of the Asian-Oceania Federation of Organisations for Medical Physicists (AFOMP) – Aug 2006